Business reputation is a very important factor to maintain in running a business in today’s climate. It can help your business so much or it can also break your company. Nowadays there are already many kinds of business reputation aside from the traditional reputation that we might mean, and one of the critical one that is often neglected by business man is its online business reputation. With the popularly use social media and search engine sites on the Internet nowadays, your reputation can be spread like wild fire in a matter of several minutes and wreaked havoc you business reputation if you’re not careful.

When starting a business especially for those traditional type must be aware of their online business reputation even if you’re not dealing with any kind of online services or product selling. Your clients and or customers who experience your services your products can share it in their social media accounts either in a positive or negative way. Luckily there are emerging online reputation management services offering this service to monitor and maintain your business name online in behalf of you. To give you some idea on what companies offer this kind of services there is Cyberpoint Digital Marketing  and also AOL’s services that can help you in your online reputation management.