A memory can last a brief or long amount of time. The longevity of a memory or of an event may depend upon how an individual remembers what happened. However, a photograph is an excellent way to keep a memory intact.

Captured in Time
A photograph is simply an event that has been captured in time on paper. There are occasions that an individual, people or an inanimate object has purposely been staged in order for a moment to be captured perfectly. Examples of this can be pictures of scenery, such as an island with some rolling waves crashing into a beach. People may think of a wedding couple and their wedding photos, but others may think of older photographs that feature presidents, military personnel and other similar ones that feature an era of the past. There are candid photographs that capture an event as it happens. Some people may immediately think of the pictures of former President Kennedy in Dallas just before he was shot. There are countless examples, and a photograph can capture a moment for people to see generations into the future.

A Camera of Choice
The age of digital electronics has certainly revolutionized how people take pictures today. In the past, a roll of film was needed in order to make a camera functional. Furthermore, the film roll had to be developed in order for pictures to be seen. Today, digital cameras allow people of nearly all ages to take pictures that look great. There are no wasted photographs because digital pictures can be removed with the click of a button. Therefore, a photographer of any skill is always welcome to take as many pictures as he or she so desires.

Capturing Time Now
Since digital cameras have transformed photography into something everyone can do, some companies have taken advantage of it by inviting individuals to take pictures at social and business events. A photo booth is quite popular at wedding receptions and graduations as people can celebrate an event and enjoy the pictures years later. In fact, some couples and schools find that it worthwhile to invest in a portable photo booth for sale because it can be reused numerous times at other events.

Photographs are not going away. A picture can capture an event that people will appreciate years later. It can make a memory last to the end of time.