Filipinos love very much there dearly departed and every member of the family usually visit the graves of there love ones regularly but with the busy schedules of people nowadays the graves are usually not maintain regularly. Here is a good negosyo idea that is not yet common here in the country.

An American name Daniel Felkins’ grandmother approached the age of 90, she realized that she needed help doing things she had once done herself. One of these important things was caring for and maintaining her late husband’s gravesite. Daniel and his wife stepped in to help. After his grandmother passed away, Daniel realized that no one would have helped his grandmother honor her husband if he had not been available. This sparked an online search and he found Grave Groomers LLC. Within just a few months, with the training and support of Grave Groomers, he launched his business, Professional Grave Groomers, in Idaho.

Daniel’s story is not uncommon. Many people who have lost a loved one are unable to invest the money, the time, or the physical labor it takes to clean the moss, dirt, and other eroding chemicals off a headstone. Unfortunately, before you know it, that headstone soon reminds a passerby of what lies underneath. Grave Groomers are in the business of honoring the beautiful life of their clients’ loved ones by restoring, cleaning, and preserving the gravesite. They even deliver flowers for their clients.

In addition to individual clients, Grave Groomers provide services to cemetery owners. According to, “people who have small family cemeteries will occasionally hire a grave groomer to clean up the stones, wax them, right any fallen monuments and put broken ones back together. Cemeteries will sometimes pay them to work on very old stones of the deceased who have no living family members so the grave yard looks better.”

Grave Groomers LLC specializes in cemetery restoration, individual site reconstruction, beautification, flower delivery, and other gravesite preservation services. Their goal is to place trained and individually owned Grave Groomers in every county in every state across the country. Their start up package includes comprehensive training as well as their registered trademarked name, protected territory, marketing assistance, Grave Groomers Grave Care manual, training advice through email and phone, trade secrets and techniques, and much more.

The service of Grave Groomers is an all in one services for the dearly departed and i’m sure this business concept will be a hit in the Philippines.