Back in 2007 a doctor named Jay Parkinson is on a mission to simplify the health care industry in the United States. Just like here in the Philippines people waited so many hours to be treated by a doctor and that problem was solved by the young doctor using minimal technology.

Today the health care industry have many promising business opportunities that can be tap here in our country as we try to develop into a world class nation. If you are thinking of starting a business right now, the health care industry has a lot of gaps that needs to be improve or streamline using technology.

We can’t deny that the world is now technology driven and our health care industry in the country can have so many benefits and promising business opportunities which can turn into great negosyo idea that can have a huge financial windfall and at the same time help the people. A lot of technology driven companies in the U.S. have sprouted like HealthEdge that use disruptive technology to deliver healthcare products that streamline the health system and reduce administrative cost and delivery cycle as well as other business models which leverage the new technology. We haven’t mentioned even yet the medical tourism which is another good business opportunity to start with.