Technology and science in the Philippines had experienced epochs marked by unprecedented growth and then periods of inertia and stagnation. However, lately the country has emerged as an attractive market for technology giants and according to the BBC report, Philippines can turn into Asia’s next tech tiger.

Compared to other emerging markets for, instance, Vietnam, India or Indonesia, the Philippines has a greater percentage of technology penetration. More than sixty percent of Filipinos own a tablet PC, computer or smartphone. So the question that needs to be addressed is how the penetration of internet and other innovative technologies is improving the life of the people in Philippines. Keep reading this space to find out ways in which technology is helping Filipinos in leading a better life.

1 – E-commerce Ventures Presenting Better Opportunities for Online Shopping

Instead of running to traditional brick and mortar stores to purchase various goods and services. An increasing number of Filipinos are turning towards online marketplace platforms, such as ebay, Kaymu and Takatack. These platforms have facilitated both the sellers and buyers, owing to low penetration of credit cards in the country, they offer Cash on Delivery feature to make the whole online shopping experience hassle free and seamless for users. This technology has helped the general population of the country as now they have access to some of the best local as well as international brands at their fingertips and they can stay up to date with the latest trends and fashions.

2 – Internet Technology Helping Students Study Smarter

More and more educational institutions are using technologies such as internet and computer in the classroom, this has tremendously improved the way students are learning in the classrooms in Philippines. By access to the internet students are able to research independently and benefit from the wealth of information available to them through the web.

Because the students and even the population in general has greater access to a large volume of data and information, this alone urges them to reflect on issues and become critical thinkers. This technology is also opening up exciting opportunities for students to communicate and collaborate with others via social media, chat or even e-mail.

3 – Technologies That Help In Alleviating Suffering In the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

Philippines has witnessed some of the worst natural calamities, it was hit by the Typhoon Haiyan in the year 2013 and following the disaster aid workers faced a wide range of obstacles from the absence of essentials such as water, food and shelter to total social chaos. Technology, for instance, cannot prevent calamities such as topical typhoons from happening, however, it can and it did help in alleviating the suffering of those who survived this disaster and offered access to clean water and food. Many regions of the country were in a state of complete darkness after the typhoon hit Philippines, however, technologies like cheap solar lamps helped the aid workers and people stuck in these areas.

Technology is helping us lead a better life in so many ways, it is not only allowing us to take part in the global trends and providing greater learning opportunities, and it is also helping us in fighting back and standing on our feet after a severe natural disaster. The rapid pace with which technology is evolving, it will create more opportunities for people of Philippines.