There are many different ways that a company can promote its brand. One way is to hand out promotional items such as pens, t-shirts and hats. It may also be possible to hand out coupons that can then be redeemed in a retail location or online for a free or reduced product. For example, an company that makes barbecue sauce may decide to offer a coupon for a free bottle of its sauce.

This enables a consumer to get his or her hands on a product and try it without having to risk any money. If the customer likes the product, he or she is likely to then go and buy the product at full price and tell others to make a purchase as well. Over time, the goal is that giving out a free product will lead to increased sales volume and revenues.

Paying people to wear branded apparel or handing out free promotional apparel can make it easier for a company to spread the word about its brand. Additional brand exposure can lead to more sales as well as word-of-mouth referrals for the brand. These referrals are highly valued as they represent free marketing as well as the fact that these referrals generally come from people who are going to buy from the brand again.