Filipinos love food very much, so to start my first entry i will start with a food business which is a meal delivery service that focuses on health issues. A company in the U.S. based in Maryland called LeViv aims to grab a slice of the meal delivery market with a twist. A growing number of customers that is willing to part extra cash to tackle their health concerns are target of this company. They offer customisability and convenience. leViv offers a 28-day meal programs delivered on a bi-monthly basis. Each program consists of over 110 items, providing two meals and two snacks per day. Customers need to add some specified fresh items like fruits and vegetables to follow the simple recipes for each meal. Packages start at USD 299 for 28 days of food, and programs are tailored to such specific issues as cardiovascular health, type II diabetes, men’s well-being and kidney health, providing customers with a hassle-free way of eating well. Extra services include access to online recipes and communities, educational resources, health strategies and professional advice.

Meal delivery is quite common here in the Philippines specially in offices, why not start with a different niche of something like this business idea. I’m sure many busy office workers that are health conscious and with health issues will benefit these convenience.