This is another great negosyo idea for the commong jeans if you have plans to enter this kind of market. Companies find many different ways to market their product to consumers. A popular and effective way is through direct sales. That is the approach taken by Vault Jeans. Their passionate Fashion Consultants sell their product and have the opportunity to earn a little money, too.

Here is an interview with Shannon Misener one of their consultants about the company, and what inspired her to join.

Tell us a little about Vault Denim.

Vault Denim is set up like a party business but it’s a little different! We offer Brand name, top of the line, no knock offs, never been worn, ladies designer jeans at up to 50% off retail prices! It’s set up like a purse party where consultants bring about 130 pairs of jeans to the hostesses home. Jeans are laid out for her guests to try on, buy, and take home that night! It allows women to experience shopping with family/friends and receive honest feedback without a pushy sales clerk!! It’s a time for ladies to listen to music, catch up on the “who, what, where, and when”, drink some wine, and laugh!!

Our CEO, Douglas Brady, started this company with his sister in mind. She was in jeopardy of losing her home and needed a job that would allow her to keep her house and also take care of her autistic son. Unfortunately, when she went looking for work she was told she was too old/big to do anything but retail which doesn’t offer a whole lot in wages. So Doug and two of his friends founded Vault Denim in the hopes of providing women an opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and empower them financially!
This started as a family run business and after experiencing 5200% growth in its first year, it still operates like family and consultants are treated like family. It’s a company like no other!

What inspired you to join the company?

This question made me chuckle out loud a little bit! The truth is I wasn’t to gung ho to start right off the bat. My husband and I both were unhappy with our jobs at the time, Jason working night shifts, and myself working in a place with an uncertain future. After much discussion we decided that I would publish my resume out on the web and we’d also begin asking around about non-traditional ways to earn an income. My husband’s co-worker introduced us to a popular direct sales company that she was having a lot of success with so we decided to give it a go.

I would be the primary and my husband would sign up under me, however, we learned that only one person may sign up per address. We were extremely disappointed because we work as a team in just about everything we do, but we always put in 110% so I joined and we were moving forward anyway.

In the meantime I was offered a job I couldn’t refuse which allowed Jason an opportunity to really look at how his night job was impacting his health. He would wake up with bloody eyes, migraine headaches, and tendon cysts on the balls of his feet from working in the factory. Something had to give! As it happens another co-worker’s fiancé just signed up with Vault Denim and was having fun with it. She invited Jason to come to her launch party just to check it out. Now my new job is based out of Minneapolis, MN which is 1.5 hours away from us, thank goodness for telecommuting!! Her launch party was the same night I started my new job and I was scheduled to be In-the-office for several days. Jason was able to attend and he loved the concept!! He also made a risky decision to buy me a new pair of designer jeans….without me there….lucky for him they fit! We talked about the concept and to be honest I just didn’t want to take on anything more that was new, but I support him and we signed up with me as the primary and he under me.

At the end of May we did our own Vault Denim launch party and it was ok. I was there to help out but it wasn’t my primary focus, yet. In June we scored our first home party and I have to admit to be nervous but I’m so glad we went!!

We found the place easy enough and set out over 120 pair of jeans. The first thing I noticed was our hostess was very down on herself and I mean every five minutes we heard “do you have anything made by Awning the tent maker?”, or “do you carry size 56?” It really pulled at my heart strings so I think I looked at my husband and told him that I’d be getting her into a pair of jeans tonight!! I didn’t care how many we had to go through or how many didn’t work, but I was finding something that made her feel beautiful….period!!

I noticed that she would take a few upstairs, try them on, and come down saying they didn’t work because she was too big so I asked if she’d be willing to try on a pair so I could see what wasn’t working for her. She was agreeable and we took a pair upstairs and she put them on. I have to say I saw NOTHING wrong with these jeans, rather the issue was with how she saw herself in them. It took me about ten minutes to reassure her that the family and friends she had downstairs loved her and would never say anything hurtful. In fact, they would provide honest and caring advice regarding how she looked in these jeans. When she got to the bottom of the stairs I could hear the response – all positive! She looked great and I could physically see the transformation in her step, her face, and her body language. That was the defining moment for me!! I knew I had found something that allowed me to change how a women felt about herself if even for a moment in time. It was amazing!!

What are some of the products you offer?

We currently offer a wide selection of ladies designer jeans! Skinny, boot cut, flare, bell bottoms, capris, shorts, skirts etc. Our standard sizes range between 0 and 13 and our extended sizes range between 15 and 24. Whether ladies are looking for simple and classic designer jeans or boutique jeans with as much embellishment as any booty can handle, we have something for everyone!!

In addition to the designer jeans we also carry four exclusive lines only found with Vault Denim: Ten Denim, Project Denim, Rock Paper Sexy (RPS) and Emerson Edwards (premium). We cannot keep these jeans in our inventories because they sell as soon as we get them in! The fit, comfort, style and price of the jeans is amazing!!