Many common household appliances have a useful life span of ten or fewer years, meaning the time for replacement may be closer than you think. Before you make a decision, consider these reasons why investing in new appliances is worthwhile.

1. Many Older Appliances Use Tons of Energy

The efficiency of most older appliances pales in comparison to newer models. This is especially pronounced in refrigerators and laundry appliances. They also may run on outdated refrigerants, which means that you can’t recharge them in case of a leak. The ENERGY STAR Flip Your Fridge calculator is a handy tool that can help you determine the impact of replacing your outdated refrigerator.

2. New Appliances Have Some  Pretty Cool Features

If your current appliances are more than five years old, they are probably already outdated. That is because smart home technology has entered mainstream applicant production during that time. You can set the refrigerator to alert you to low levels of staple food items, turn on the oven from an app on your way home, or set the lawnmower to run while you are at work. If you want to take advantage of these features, then you’ll need to upgrade.

3. You Can Recycle Many Outdated Appliances

There is a growing awareness of the need to repair and reuse items. However, sometimes that just isn’t practical. For example, you will save a ton of energy and lower your carbon footprint by upgrading your kitchen appliances. At the same time, refrigerator recycling Sussex County NJ means your old ones can go on to become new products. Combined, this helps make it easier to upgrade your appliances.

There is any number of reasons you might be considering new appliances. However, knowing that old ones use a ton of energy and are recyclable can help you make a decision. If you are still on the fence, the cool features of new connected appliances may tip the balance.