Ever experience going to a popular restaurant only to find out that its full of people so you have to wait on the waiting bench to have your turn? There is a great business idea for the restaurant owner to have there guest need not get bored waiting for there turn. ReadyPing lets restaurants notify guests by text message when their table is ready. The system aims to improve on restaurant pagers, which require a substantial upfront investment plus maintenance costs and have a limited range. Restaurants don’t need to purchase new hardware to use ReadyPing; all that’s required is an internet connection and a computer. ReadyPing charges a flat monthly fee of USD 35, which includes sending an unlimited number of ‘pings’.

To use the system, the hosts enter the guest or party’s name, number of guests, and their mobile number. When their table is available, the host clicks a button to send a customizable text message. ReadyPing is currently only available in the United States, but i’m sure this will be a hit here in the Philippines with so many restaurants around the country, why not develop a system something like this for the Philippine market.