Filipinos love to go to the beach and dream of having a jetski to have a great time but its quite expensive to own and maintain one. New business models abroad make it easy for everyone to have one thru ownership sharing. A company in UK remove the financial and practical hassles associated with owning jetskis with their subscription-based rental service.

Wavetime pitch themselves as “a viable alternative to jetski ownership, providing affordable jetskiing to both new and experienced jetskiers”. Typically the cost of owning a personal watercraft includes purchasing the vehicle, mooring and marina fees, depreciation, insurance, servicing, maintenance, repairs, storage and trailers. Wavetime members pay a one-off cost of GBP 299, which includes a RYA PWC training course, with a reduced price of GBP 199 for members already certified. Monthly subscription is GBP 99 which entitles members to 42 hours each month, all year round, and bookings are made via an online scheduling system up to 30 days in advance.
Subscriptions per “fleet” are restricted to ensure members can enjoy frequent use of the jetskis, which are currently available at the Salterns Marina in Dorset, with more locations coming soon.

This business idea makes a promising business here in the Philippines. Send us your comment.